Here at Temple Sholom, worship, education, community building, and personal spiritual growth are interconnected. We believe that everyone (of every age) is born with a spiritual curriculum; lessons that we each must learn throughout our lifetimes. Our congregation specializes in cultivating the personal path of spiritual development from birth to old age. We accept that every person has a personal truth that can be cultivated and encouraged. In our community we treat each person with respect and dignity, fostering an environment that inspires each of us to realize the potential of each of our souls.

 We offer a large range of classes for all levels of engagement:

Hebrew language, Conversion tutorials, Mussar/Kabbalah and spiritual direction, Jewish yoga, and discussion groups. We also provide a wide range of experiential opportunities such as soup kitchen, book club, social justice work through our interfaith partners at the Amos Project, and more.

We encourage you to make an appointment with our Rabbi, our Executive Director and/or our Director of Engagement to discuss you personal spiritual goals and how we can help you on your unique path.



Rosh Chodesh Book Club

With the Women of Temple Sholom

Join together in great conversation and friendship to discuss the monthly read- new books will be announced periodically.

Contact Ruth Schneider at rschneider9@cinci.rr.com for details


May 23rd:  The Wild West Of The Middle East (Bible Class with Rabbi Walter)

THE WILD WEST OF THE MIDDLE EAST as read in two strange books of the Bible:  Ezra and Nehemiah.  In our studies, we will encounter the pioneers of the remnant of Israel, many years after they have been exiled from their land and the Temple destroyed.  They are trekking by foot on a long, long journey back to their homeland.  When they finally arrive, they find a desolate and destroyed Jerusalem and an empty, neglected land.  They want to build homes and re-build their Temple, but are beset by all kinds of problems, including a sparse but very unpleasant bunch of new foreign settlers who are not very happy to see this band of “veterans” arriving in their back yards.