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For children, Temple Sholom offers an environment of spiritual creativity, encouraging development and expression of the spirit from an early age. We believe that children have sophisticated spiritual lives, and that their spiritual development and need to connect in community is as essential as that of an adult. We understand the demands of family life in this day in age. We also know that families come with many different backgrounds, educational needs, and personal goals for synagogue engagement.


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Currently, our youth education primarily happens on Sundays. However, do not confuse our programming with run-of-the-mill Sunday school. Our greatest aim to is to offer children and adult alike opportunities to LOVE and live Judaism and to feel like their time is spent meaningfully. So, how do we do this?

Na’aseh v’Nishmah—We Will DO and We Will Listen

When God offered the Israelites Torah at Mount Sinai, they first said, “we will do” and only then followed up with, “we will listen.” We think doing should be front and center in Jewish Education—plus, it makes learning more effective and a lot more fun for our kids!

So, how do we DO?

  • Living our Vision: This year, every four weeks will focuses on a new Community Value from our temple’s Vision Statement. Each value is integrated into our living and learning on Sunday, culminating in an all-school special program or trip (families welcome!) in the fourth week. For example, instead of just talking about welcoming strangers, we will join with the local Bhuttanese refugee community for a day of Yoga. Rather than learning about the blessing of sustenance, we will volunteer at a local community garden.

Special programs/trip schedule coming soon!

  • Chugim: Our teens, faculty and community members share their unique passions and talents with students in 45-minute “electives” every Sunday. From “The Art of Storytelling” to Jewish cooking or meditation, our chugim nurture new interests and creative spiritual expression—students can choose up to six per year.
  • Infants as Teachers: Our youngest faculty members cannot pray the Shema, read Hebrew or even use the potty! But, they do have a lot to teach us about empathy, kindness and expressing our feelings. Babies from our temple community visit classrooms monthly in order to foster mussar – emotional learning and self-improvement.
  • Community Lunch: One of the most important parts of “doing” in Jewish community is sharing good food and good company. Parent volunteers cook their family favorites for our whole school to enjoy together every Sunday– no nuts please! 
  • Boys and Girls to Mensches: 8th graders periodically join with the adults of our community in acts of kindness and justice like visiting the sick, doing home improvements for local senior citizens and beautifying our building.

All of these special programs only supplement the high quality learning, meaningful relationships, hands on projects and lively discussions that take place in our classrooms, led by our team of experienced and passionate Jewish Educators.



Why learn Hebrew? Did you know that half of the Jewish world today speaks Hebrew as a first language!

– Hebrew is the language our people pray in– our students gain the tools for communal worship and to lead a congregation at b’nai mitzvah and beyond

– Hebrew is the language our people live in– our students engage with modern Israeli people, media and texts and appreciate the living language

– Hebrew is the language our people come from– our students encounter Torah and its stories in the original Hebrew

NEW this year Hebrew in Harmony, learn to pray in Hebrew through music and technology. Hebrew School has never been this fun!

Join us as we pilot this multimedia curriculum to provide your child with a full digital learning experience

  • Benefit from tablets in the classroom and an app to practice your Hebrew at home by playing games and rocking out to Jewish tunes
  • Connect deeply to prayer through music, movement, arts and journaling
  • Access Hebrew materials with the touch-screen ease your family has become accustomed to

At Temple Sholom we welcome families from diverse backgrounds in search of all types of connections. Hebrew education and b’nai mitzvah are customizable and families choose to begin at varying times. We offer convenient Sunday afternoon Hebrew so families traveling a far distance don’t need to make the trip twice! Our Hebrew School builds bridges, making Hebrew accessible to students and their families. We will work with you individually to break down any barrier to learning.


In Cincinnati, all the Reform synagogues are blessed to be part of a collective Reform Jewish High School program for our teens. All the rabbis join with educators and specialists to teach at Kulanu. It occurs on Sundays from 5:30pm-7:15pm and includes communal dinners. For more information about Kulanu, our Jewish High School experience please contact Kulanu Director, Rabbi David Burstein at:



  1. What if Sundays do not work for our family?

Our primary concern is the wellbeing of our students and their families. We work with each family to help them on their unique spiritual path to reach their Jewish education and life cycle goals.

  1. This sounds so fun but my children are younger than the ages mentioned, can we be involved too?

Yes! We have lots of programs for young children. On Sundays we offer a program called “Infants as Teachers” where your baby can become a member of our faculty! Stick around or come just for, “Bubbes and Babies” our monthly open house for parents of all ages (see our “Family Learning” page).  We also offer monthly Shabbat get-togethers, potlucks, song sessions and other fun events for families with young children.

  1. My child has little Jewish knowledge but wants to know more, is this a good fit for them?

At Sholom, we have a variety of learning levels, styles and needs. All children are welcome regardless of background and experience.

  1. We are an interfaith family who believes that many faiths should be represented in our home, how will our child fit in?

You will be in good company! With a 70% interfaith community where at least one immediate family member does not identify as Jewish, we understand that each family comes to us with different needs. It is our role to provide Jewish education, relationships and theology while respecting the various spiritual paths that each child brings with them.

  1. How do we learn more?

To learn more about our education programming please contact Laura Wright, Executive Director: