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Temple Sholom offers an environment of spiritual creativity, encouraging development and expression of the spirit from an early age. We believe that children have sophisticated spiritual lives, and that their spiritual development and need to connect in community is as essential as that of an adult.

We understand the demands of family life in this day and age.  We don’t expect you to schlep back and forth throughout the week.  Our religious school programming, including Hebrew instruction, happens once a week on Sundays.

We know that families come with many different backgrounds, educational needs, and personal goals for synagogue engagement. At Temple Sholom we welcome families from diverse backgrounds in search of all types of connections.

Check out our Schedule for Sunday School:

9:15 am:  Yoga and Jewish Meditation followed by Tefillah/Community Worship.  We start our day with yoga and meditation to open our hearts and minds and then flow directly into Tefillah.

9:45 am:  Core Class is when children divide into small groups by age and we introduce the core concepts of our curriculum.  Core curricular elements include:  The Jewish Concept of God/aspects of God, Kedusha/Holiness, Torah and Jewish Texts, Moadim/Seasons including Holiday and Jewish Life Cycle Events, Tzedakah, G’milut Chasim, and Mitzvot, Israel.

10:45 am:  School-Wide Project Time, or “My Big Idea”.  We take the concepts introduced in our core classes to the next level using inquiry-based learning.  Using age-appropriate open-ended questions, students are presented with opportunities to deeply explore an area of interest.  This encourages each child to follow their own curiosity and make the Jewish Education experience personal and meaningful to them.

11:15 am: Chugim. Our teens, faculty and community members share their unique passions and talents with students in 30-minute “electives” every Sunday. Each Chug lasts for 4 to 5 weeks allowing students to sample many different types of electives over the course of the school year. From “The Art of Storytelling” to Jewish cooking or meditation, our chugim nurture new interests and creative spiritual expression.

11:45 am:  Community Lunch. One of the most important parts of “doing” in Jewish community is sharing good food and good company. Parent volunteers cook their family favorites for our whole school to enjoy together every Sunday no nuts please!

12:00 pm:  Hebrew.  Children in grades 2 through 7 experience Hebrew language instruction in a warm, friendly, and interactive environment.  Our Hebrew School builds bridges, making Hebrew accessible to students and their families. We will work with you individually to break down any barrier to learning. Hebrew education and b’nai mitzvah are customizable at Temple Sholom and families choose to begin at varying times.

Did you know that half of the Jewish world today speaks Hebrew as a first language!

– Hebrew is the language our people pray in– our students gain the tools for communal worship and to lead a congregation at b’nai mitzvah and beyond

– Hebrew is the language our people live in– our students engage with modern Israeli people, media and texts and appreciate the living language

– Hebrew is the language our people come from– our students encounter Torah and its stories in the original Hebrew


  • My child has little Jewish knowledge but wants to know more, is this a good fit for them?

At Sholom, we have a variety of learning levels, styles and needs. All children are welcome regardless of background and experience.

  • We are an interfaith family who believes that many faiths should be represented in our home, how will our child fit in?

You will be in good company! With a 70% interfaith community where at least one immediate family member does not identify as Jewish, we understand that each family comes to us with different needs. It is our role to provide Jewish education, relationships and theology while respecting the various spiritual paths that each child brings with them.

To learn more about our education programming please contact Laura Wright, Executive Director and Director of Life-Long Learning:



In Cincinnati, all the Reform synagogues are part of Kulanu, a collective Reform Jewish High School program for our teens. All the rabbis join with educators and specialists to teach at Kulanu. It occurs on Sundays from 5:30pm-7:15pm and includes communal dinners. For more information about Kulanu, our Jewish High School experience please contact Kulanu Director, Rabbi David Burstein at: