Temple Sholom’s core value is that faith is more important than funds. To that end, we eliminated mandatory dues and successfully moved to a voluntary annual “gift of the heart” model several years ago.

We believe absolutely that spiritual and sacred community should be accessible to all and that cost should never be the reason to not be part of our community.

We are also very grateful to our online community and other supporters who are outside of our community for their donations during our High Holiday appeal.

Our Benevolent Funds:

If you are interested in directing your gift to specific areas of interest or passion, Temple Sholom has that covered!  We provide these opportunities with our benevolent funds.

These funds are directed to specific areas like our religious school, technology/streaming, rabbinic professional development, camp scholarships, social action and justice, music and feeding the hungry.

You can see a full list of our benevolent funds and donate by clicking the button:

Please consider a financial gift to further the good work of Temple Sholom: sponsor a particular passion area, make a great program possible, send a child to school or to Jewish summer camp, or, help us pay the water bill!

All of this is holy work. We need you to help us be ourselves and be part of the change in this world.