“How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment to start to improve the world.” –Anne Frank

Learn About Temple Sholom’s Philosophy On Money:  2020-21 Gift of the Heart Pledge Letter and Form

Temple Sholom is on a journey to re-imagine how we provide and sustain ourselves.  We believe absolutely that spiritual and sacred community should be accessible to all and that cost should never be the reason to not be part of our community. At the same time we understand all too well that our unique programming, staff, and infrastructure require financial support in order to continue our good works and be open and embracing to all.

Consider a financial gift to further the good work of Temple Sholom: sponsor a particular passion area, make a great program possible, send a child to school or to Jewish summer camp, or, help us pay the water bill! All of this is holy work. We need you to help us be ourselves and be part of the change in this world.