Our brotherhood, is an important part of the life of Temple Sholom, meeting the needs of our congregation with many services and programs and also being involved in social action in our community.  

Our membership has grown significantly over the several years, and we have a significant event calendar the next few months, including blood drive, mother’s day breakfast, job jar and Cincinnati Reds Outing.

Brotherhood’s mission is to provide fellowship opportunities among the men of Temple Sholom while supporting the synagogue and greater community in the following ways:

  • Ushering to welcome new members and guests
  • Religious school and summer service picnics and grilling
  • Temple Maintenance (Our “Job Jar” program in which we get together to beautify and maintain the Temple)
  • Social Action (ie, People Working Cooperatively in Cincinnati)
  • Event and social action programming (including joint events with Women of Temple Sholom)