Youth Education


Dear Religious School Family and Friends,
I just LOVE this video and I hope you will too – It captures the spirit, energy, and intensity of our school. Our students bring such passion to Jewish learning and to Tikkun Olam! They really do change the world!
Our first Religious School session of the new year, is Sunday September 23, 2018. I can’t wait to welcome you!
For this year, we have really upped our game! We have:
  • Strengthened our Jewish Values Based Social Justice Curriculum,
  • Brought back Chugim taught by our amazing Madrichim,
  • Added MUSIC,
  • Added weekly one-on-one, on-line, Hebrew instruction for grades 3 – 7 that YOU schedule to meet your family’s needs!
  • Added a great 8th Grade Leadership Program that includes working with Rabbi Terlinchamp to develop a legacy art project, participating in Boys and Girls to Menches to support our Senior Community, and leading the spring semester Social Action initiatives!
How do you get in on the fun?  Complete our online Registration form, click HERE
Want to download the 2018-19 Religious School Calendar?  click HERE

Have questions or comments?  Just call or send an email to me!
Call me at 513.791.1330 ext. 105
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Here’s to a great 5779!

Laura Wright
Ex. Director and Director of Life-Long Learning
Temple Sholom

  • My child has little Jewish knowledge but wants to know more, is this a good fit for them?

At Sholom, we have a variety of learning levels, styles and needs. All children are welcome regardless of background and experience.

  • We are an interfaith family who believes that many faiths should be represented in our home, how will our child fit in?

You will be in good company! With a 70% interfaith community where at least one immediate family member does not identify as Jewish, we understand that each family comes to us with different needs. It is our role to provide Jewish education, relationships and theology while respecting the various spiritual paths that each child brings with them.


In Cincinnati, all the Reform synagogues are part of Kulanu, a collective Reform Jewish High School program for our teens. All the rabbis join with educators and specialists to teach at Kulanu. It occurs on Sundays from 5:30pm-7:15pm and includes communal dinners. For more information about Kulanu, our Jewish High School experience please contact Kulanu Director, Nina Loftspring at: