Saturday, September 12 8:00pm

Join us for a candlelit evening of meditation and reflection as we enter the Days of Awe, the High Holy Day season. Traditionally, this is a contemplative havdalah service where we change the covers of the Torah to the High Holy Day white, hear the shofar and we begin the process of atonement for the season. Participants will be encouraged to engage in the service from a quiet space, in comfortable clothes and with candles. Even though we are not physically in the same place, this is one way to renew and connect to the holiday season together.  Please register for Zoom https://templesholom.shulcloud.com/form/selichot-2020.html to receive the secure link. 



Friday, September 18

Erev of Rosh Hashanah Friday, September 18, 6:30 pm

A traditional evening service with Rabbis Terlinchamp and Stratford, music by Dr. Mark Bailey, Cantorial soloist Dr. Alison Accord, cellist Nat Chaitkin and oboist Peggy Grant, and readings by the congregation.   Available on website, Facebook, and email.

Saturday, September 19

Rosh Hashanah Saturday, September 19, 10:30 AM

A traditional morning service with Rabbis Terlinchamp and Stratford, music by Dr. Mark Bailey, Cantorial soloist Dr. Alison Accord, cellist Nat Chaitkin and oboist Peggy Grant, and readings by the congregation.   Available on website, Facebook, and email.

Sunday, September 20

Evening of Awe Sunday, September 20, 6:00-7:00 PM

An evening of original music and poetry based on the High Holy liturgy. Premiering on WLWT MeTV  https://www.metv.com/wheretowatch/affiliate/515



Rosh Hashanah Children’s Service Saturday, September 19,  10:30 AM

Happy Birthday World! join Rabbi Stratford for an interactive celebration of the Jewish New Year! We will join together in song, dance, prayer, and fun in a birthday celebration for Mother Earth.

Register to join us live and get a secure link at https://templesholom.shulcloud.com/form/registration-for-rosh-Hashanah-childrens-program-2020.html 





At any point between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the Jewish people are invited to participate in the ceremony of Tashlich. Traditionally, this involves Jewish folks gathering around a body of water and symbolically casting their sins away. This is usually done with breadcrumbs and hearkens to the Micah 7:18 text “You shall cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.” There are many places you can do this (Pioneer Park, Swaim Park, Lake Isabella, the little Miami river…) and many ways to do this (as a prayer service, as a writing exercise, with friends or on your own). If you would like guidelines on a basic meditation service for this practice, you can download it HERE or email Julie HERE for a copy. 



Sunday, September 20

Rosh Hashanah Day 2, Sunday September 20, 10:30 AM

Please register for Zoom to get a secure link:  https://templesholom.shulcloud.com/form/rosh-hashanah-day-2-2020.html 

Social Action Opportunities

We are once again partnering with Avon-Miami Charities in their efforts to deliver meals to the food insecure. In this first phase, we are looking for 10 people to help assemble meal kits for approximately 2 hours on Sunday, September 20th at 2:00 pm at Temple Sholom.   These kits will be picked up over the course of the following week, during the Days of Awe, by more volunteers who will assemble lunches and deliver them to shelters around Cincinnati. 

Meal kits will be assembled outdoors (weather permitting) in the parking lot of the synagogue. Chairs will be made available to those in need.   Sign up here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B0F44A8A628A6F85-assembling



Friday, September 25

Shabbat Shuvah     Friday, September 25, 6:30 PM

Stream with us beginning at 6:30pm at www.templesholom.net



Saturday, September 26

Shabbat Morning Service

Shabbat Shuvah Morning Service September 26 10:30 AM

LIVE via Zoom



Sunday, September 27

Kol Nidre           Sunday, September 27, 6:30 PM

A traditional evening service with Rabbis Terlinchamp and Stratford, music by Dr. Mark Bailey, Cantorial soloist Dr. Alison Accord, cellist Nat Chaitkin and oboist Peggy Grant, and readings by the congregation.

Monday, September 28

Yom Kippur Morning Service Monday, September 28, 10:30 AM

Yom Kippur morning – A traditional morning service with Rabbis Terlinchamp, Stratford and

Zola, music by Dr. Mark Bailey, Cantorial soloist Dr. Alison Accord, cellist Nat Chaitkin and oboist Peggy Grant, and readings by the congregation.

Yom Kippur Children’s Service Monday, September 28, 10:30 AM

Join Rabbi Stratford for an interactive family service designed to teach our youngest the meaning of the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. We all make mistakes and sometimes we have a bad day. Join us as we learn about one, Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and how our tradition can help turn a gloomy day upside down! Join us via Zoom. Please register and join us live by clicking the link below: https://templesholom.shulcloud.com/form/YK-childrens-program-2020.html

Yom Kippur Syn-a-Plex
Monday, September 28, 1:00 PM

There will be several breakout rooms available with different learning opportunities before we begin our afternoon service which begins at 5:00pm.  Join us at 1:30 -2:30 and then again at 3:00 – 4:00pm for session with Rabbis Terlinchamp and Stratford for text study and discussions.  As well as other interesting sessions from the Union of Reform Judaism all available via Zoom during those times.


Yom Kippur Afternoon Services Monday, September 28, 5:00 PM

Yizkor-N’eilah Services

Livestreamed through our website from our Temple Sholom sanctuary join Rabbis Terlinchamp and Stratford, Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Alison Accord, cellist Nat Chaitkin and oboist Peggy Grant as we join together for the conclusion of Yom Kippur day. Please join us by clicking the link: http://www.templesholom.net

Please click the following link to access the 5781 Roll of Remembrance.




Friday, October 2

Sukkot Friday, October 2 at 6:30pm.

Join for a live streamed Shabbat service celebrating  Sukkot service beginning at 6:30 pm.

Thursday, October 8  

Sukkot at the Car Wash!

Come on y’all and sing it with me… Sholom’s at the Car Wash!


Ooooh, it seems odd, that is the truth

For sure, I get you, its not a temporary booth

It is not a harvest season scene

but you will roll into the new year feelin’ fresh and clean.

Sukkot at the car wash

Sukkot at the car wash, yeah

Come and clean it with me, car wash

Sing it with the feeling now, car wash, yeah!

Enter the new year fresh and clean and celebrate (a socially distant) Sukkot with a car wash!  We will gather in our cars at the ProClean Car wash in Mason Ohio, on Thursday, October 8th beginning at 6:00pm for a Sukkot (and a car wash) like you’ve never experienced before!  Our Rabbi’s and staff will be working at the Car Wash!




Saturday, October 10

Simchat Torah Saturday, October 10, 7:00-9:00 PM

Simchat Torah celebrates the joy Torah brings to our lives, and how you find yourself in Torah is as important as what you find. Join us for evening with master sketch-noter, Steve Silbert, via Zoom. Together, we will learn basic sketch noting techniques and explore drawing as a means to connect to our sacred text. There is no cost to participants. Supplies:  post-it note and a writing utensil and a few sheets of paper. 

RSVP to get the secure Zoom link:  https://templesholom.shulcloud.com/form/simchat-torah-2020.html

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