Our Leadership

Our Board of Trustees is the governing body of Temple Sholom and
consists of our elected Steering Committee members, other elected Trustees, and our auxiliary leaders.

The Steering Committee serves as the executive and personnel committee of the board and meets monthly with our staff and Rabbis to oversee ongoing activities of our community.

The full Board of Trustees meets at least quarterly.

Steering Committee and Board meetings are open to the Temple community.

Neal Hoffman Temple President
Stephanie Beck Past President / Infrastructure
Christine Fisher Budget & Finance
Megan Miller Chaver Development/Social Action
Mel Gale  Lifelong Learning
Ryan Mount Ritual
Jeff Rhein Social Action
Carol Shore Development
John Moffatt Infrastructure
John Combs Chaver Development
Seth Rosin Life-Long Learning
Bob Backman Member At-Large
Our Auxiliary Leadership
Virginia Lipke Women Of Temple Sholom
Rhonda Scarborough Women Of Temple Sholom
Jim Shapiro Brotherhood
Stuart Kirschner Brotherhood