Rabbi Terlinchamp talking to us about how each of us can continue to be a light in the darkness through a new art project. Read it HERE:

Front Page Article on The Jewish Daily Forward about Rabbi Terlinchamp and The Amazing Achievements Of Temple Sholom:  Read it HERE

Rabbi Terlinchamp discussing a message of hope during the pandemic on Channel 12:  Watch it HERE

Rabbi Terlinchamp featured on in their “Shift Change” featue.  Read it HERE

Read Rabbi Terlinchamp’s article in The Times Of Israel:  A Story To Tell My Great Grandchildren 

An article about how Rabbi Terlinchamp and Temple Sholom are volunteering at local shelters at the US/Mexico border.  Read it HERE

An article from WCPO 9 on Rabbi Terlinchamp about how she is helping the Temple Sholom community heal.  Read it HERE

FOX 19 News features Temple Sholom in a piece about synagogue security.  Watch it HERE

Temple Sholom mourns the victims in Pittsburgh:

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Rabbi Terlinchamp is mentioned in a Daily Kos article about Maribel Trujillo (the mother of 4 who was deported).  Read HERE

Rabbi Terlinchamp’s piece in The Enquirer about the Trujillo-Diaz case.  Read HERE

Temple Sholom is mentioned in an article from the URJ about our innovative approach to allocating funds toward our mission as opposed to infrastructure:  Read it HERE

An incredible article about Rabbi Terlinchamp and JustLOVE from Street Vibes.  You can read the article HERE

Rabbi Terlinchamp speaking at the women’s March:

Check out Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp on the popular podcast JUDAISM UNBOUND.  Here is the link:

Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp interviewed on the Cincinnati news about being arrested after an important protest for “Dreamers” in Washington D.C..  See video at the link below:

Here is an article from the New York Times in which the work that Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp and Temple Sholom are doing with The Amos Project is featured on the FRONT PAGE!

New Push To Stop Fairfield Mother From Being Deported

News coverage of Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp speaking about making Cincinnati A Sanctuary City:

Fox19: Formation of The Cincinnati Sanctuary Network

Local religious leader, Rabbi Terlinchamp, discussing the formation of the Cincinnati Sanctuary Network.

Cincinnati Enquirer: Sanctuary network to become formal

Concerned about threats of mass deportations and formation of a Muslim registry under the Trump administration, leaders of several faith communities Wednesday announced formation of the Cincinnati Sanctuary Network.
Cincinnati CityBeat: Faith Communities Join Sanctuary Movement in Cincinnati
The Amos Project announced today that a half-dozen congregations representing Islam, Judaism and Christianity have become sanctuary sites willing to host vulnerable people in their buildings or solidarity congregations providing other support.

Fox19: Formation of The Cincinnati Sanctuary Network
Local religious leader, Rabbi Terlinchamp, discussing the formation of the Cincinnati Sanctuary Network.

WVXU: Sanctuary Network Ready To Shelter Immigrants, Others Under Threat
The Cincinnati Sanctuary Network notes the sanctuary movement has been around for a long time, but gained renewed momentum following talk of mass deportations and a Muslim registry during the 2016 presidential election.

WLWT5: Cincinnati churches, religious institutions form sanctuary network


WCPO Cincinnati 9 wrote a piece on our unique, innovative, successful use of making creative videos to market the wonderful vision of Temple Sholom.  You can read it HERE, or click on the picture below:

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Temple Sholom and Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp mentioned in the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER for Amos Project’s response to Gingrich’s “Muslim Litmus Test”

Cincinnati Enquirer













Temple Sholom held an interfaith service for Officer Sonny Kim. 300 people attended. Read The Full Article

The service at Temple Sholom was also featured on the front page of THE ISRAELITE.


The Cincinnati Enquirer featured Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp’s important piece on the tragedy in Orlando about how prayers are the first steps to action.  You can read the article below:


Temple Sholom was in prominent attendance at gay pride. Our very own Rabbi Terlinchamp officiated the first legal same gender Jewish marriage in Cincinnati. Read The Full Article