Making a difference through changing the narratives that we tell and helping change the broken systems in our world.

Cincinnati has the second highest rate for child poverty in the United States. We are greatly pained by this information and seek to make a difference in the amount of children living below the poverty line in our community. Right now, we are active partners in The Amos Project efforts to bring “Preschool Promise” to the ballots in November 2016. We are working to ensure that all 3 and 4 year-old-children in Hamilton County have the ability to attend preschool regardless of finances. Research shows that children who receive 3 meals a day and intellectual stimulation from ages 3-5 are more likely to succeed than those who do not. We cannot afford to keep children from having a fair start in this world. 

By engaging in dialogue about our collective and personal relationship with debt we believe that we can elevate the conversation about releasing ourselves from indebtedness and supporting those who strive for economic independence. Temple Sholom is the Jewish representative in the 4 part Jubilee Dialogue series with esteemed speakers such as: Dr. Walter Brueggemann, Rev. Damon Lynch III, Dr. Adam Clark, Father Rob Rhodes and or own Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp.

Elementz is an urban engagement center for youth centered on hip-hop, respect and community building. Students are encouraged to bring their gifts of art, music, and dance to Elementz so that they can hone their craft, learn how to bring their gifts to the public, and share in a positive environment for youth in the Over-the-Rhine community. Temple Sholom partners with Elementz to bring in artists, collaborate on performances, and learn from their teachers and students.

In our community we value inclusion as one of our most central tenets. We strive to be sensitive to different expressions of faith, race, economics, sexual and gender identity. We understand that people come to us from all different parts of the world and stages of life, some are changing names, pronouns, relationship status, and grappling with major life events. To all of you, we say we see you; you are welcome, safe, and included in our space.